I’m currently the Director of ICT at Nottingham HIgh School. I was formerly Head of ICT at Wolverhampton Grammar School where I taught for nine years. I’ve had a teaching career which spans more than twenty years and am originally from Durban, South Africa. My father was from Wiltshire and I’ve always wanted to live in and work in the U.K. as I do now.

During my eighteen year career as a teacher in South Africa, I was Head of the following departments: English, History, P.E.  and ICT. I was also a Media Centre Manager and served a short spell as a Deputy Head.

At  WGS I was the Data Base Manager and taught Computing and ICT courses at A level and Key Stage 3 and 4 ICT. My role involved the development of ICT at WGS and assisting with the implementation of the ICT systems. I believe in a combination of traditional and web-based teaching methods and was responsible for the implementation of the FROG Learning Platform at WGS.

I’m married to Paul Turner and have four daughters.

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