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Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

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Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 This post comes with a  huge acknowledgement to several people in my PLN – who, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 through constant tweeting about QR Codes, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 have forced me to take a look at their worth. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I also have to acknowledge Kevin Fear our Head, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 who is just as enthusiastic about exploring the uses of QR Codes in school and who is very keen to chat about ideas for their potential use. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 With these people behind me, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I’ve set off to see if and how QR codes could have an impact in our school and more particularly, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 in my History lessons.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I’ve only just put the first QR Code up around our school this afternoon and although it’s really a hook and not very useful information, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 already several staff have asked, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 “What is it?” and have responded in awe and very positively to what a QR code is and what it can potentially be used for. 

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00  So that’s the start. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I’m waiting for a student to claim his chocolate. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I’ll report back as soon as one does.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Like many teachers, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I’ve thought about how I could use QR codes in my teaching – specifically in History classes. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 The real beauty of QR codes is that they do what they say on the tin – give a “Quick Response”. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I like the idea that I don’t necessarily have to take my class off to a computer suite in order for them to “quickly” access the information in a QR code. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I like the way that a choice is given. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 If a student wants to expand on something they’re learning, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 reviewing, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 or investigating, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 this can be done as an individual response on a hand held device. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 It doesn’t have to be a teacher led process which the whole class has to follow.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 There are so many different potential uses for QR codes, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 but I’ll list a few which have come to mind for teaching History.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 1. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Link to a class blog: I always keep a blog of the work we’re doing in each of my classes. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 This is so that once students are at home they can use the blog to check up on what we’ve done in class, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 to find instructions for their homework, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 sets of notes, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 worksheets or mark schemes for the same. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I usually write the URL on the board and they copy this into their exercise books. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 More than once the URL has been copied down incorrectly, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 resulting in much online searching to find the correct blog. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 In future, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I plan to give my classes a QR code of the blog URL to paste into the inside front cover of their exercise books.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 2. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Homework: Many teachers have referenced the potential of QR codes in place of students writing up the day’s homework. There is certainly more than one way to achieve this; project the QR code onto the IWB and students could scan it as they leave the classroom at the end of the lesson, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 place the printed version of the QR Code near the door and on exiting, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 students can scan the code in a similar fashion – or, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 one could print off the QR Code and hand these out for students to paste into their homework planners, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 or exercise books.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 3. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Videos:

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00  I will be experimenting even further with QR codes in the run up to the Christmas break. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 As I collect many of the videos I use in teaching History on Vodpod, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I have added QR codes which contain a link to the video, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 which in turn relates specifically to the section of class notes I hand out.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 4. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Voicethread (or any other Web 2.0 tool):

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 When the students complete a Voicethread exercise I create an A5 sheet for students to paste into their exercise books. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 This shows the image used in the exercise, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 the questions asked and enough space for an assessment mark and/or my comment.  It would be even more useful if they could see the assessment alongside their contribution to the Voicethread and not have to go off to a computer to match the two up.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 5. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Homework Review: I’ve also chosen to place a QR code with an embedded URL into students exercise books. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 This links to a mark scheme as a homework review for completed homework. These have been added next to the work in the students’ books. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 For this I chose an Avery label template in Microsoft Word and copied the QR code, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 together with a short reference heading, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 onto the A4 Avery label page. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 (Very quick and easy to do.) I printed these off and pasted them into the students’ books. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Added to this could be a QR Code which links to several good pieces of work for students to reference. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 (We’ve been using my ebook lately to show off a few excellent pieces of work.)

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 The following are further ideas for ways in which a QR code can be used in a History classroom:

6. School trip detail reminder.
7. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Mini project outline.
8.School trip on Flickr.
9.End of year exam details.
10. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Scheme of Work

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Cynics may wonder why one cannot simply paste various details into a student diary/planner or exercise book. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 Well, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 the big plus about QR Codes is that the hand held device is usually always carried around by a student (and not necessarily the book) and any content is always available in an instant in the “history” of the QR Code Reader.

Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00  I think I should end by saying that I’m not too sure what parents might make of all of this. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I’m hoping that the response will be positive and that students won’t tell parents that I’m suggesting that they should get a smart phone for Christmas in order to access their work! As it stands, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 currently everything which is in a QR code can be accessed either online on the History blog in Word or PDF format, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 and can be printed out for students’ use. Loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 However, loxitane 10mg pills $129.00 I am aware that a number of our students have iPod touches and it will be interesting to see how they make use of QR codes.

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